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What is Speed Dating...?

Speed Dating is a noble and respectable way of meeting singles without the hassles of registering on an online dating site and endless daily searches back and forth emailing with a faceless prospective partners and almost daily logon on to see if someone finally responds to all your amorous emails. Or eternal wait and hoping to one day meet your future partner.

With speed dating you have the opportunity to meet and interact with a predetermined amount of invited singles of the opposite sex. These meetings and interactions takes place in a most conducive and relaxing atmosphere.  And in the case of  these meetings are organized in a comfortable and reputable 4-5 star and discreet venues.  Providing you the romantic stress-free atmosphere to interact with your potential future partner.  The comfortable romantic settings allows all the participants the opportunity to make that “First Impression”. By having a 3 – 5min rolling face to face chat with all present singles. These “little” chats is to help you determine if there is mutual spark which could lead to a chemistry of future bliss with your potential soul mate.

The opportunities are almost endless. Since in one night and under one roof you have the opportunity to meet and have that first important contact and direct talk with multiple potential partners and soul mates. Remember "You only have one chance of making a first impression" There is bound to be at least one mutual spark between you and one of the present singles. This might be the love of your life your future partner your soul mate.

At the end of the evening/exercise when all singles have spoken to every other singles present at the event,  will sort out all the matching couples. And since all chat and interactions of the evening are carried out in an anonymous no-name no-info basis, will send contact information of singles who have expressed interest in other singles. These information will be sent only to singles who have also expressed interest in the same single(s). These  information to the matching couples would be sent few days after the Speed Dating Evening. These couples could then pick up the dating process further by directly contacting the matching partner(s) they wish to see and meet again privately.

Speed Dating is for serious minded people. Professionals who are too busy and have little social time. It is for people who know what they want and are prepared to do what it takes to get it. Speed Dating is for people who don’t like games. People who are tired of waiting for the miracles of prince charming riding along. Manna no longer falls from heaven. Your destiny is in your hands. With Speed Dating you make your miracle happen. You increase your odds of finding your future partner. Your soul mate.

Go after your dream. Take part in a Speed dating event today. Your soul mate might be there waiting for you.

 How about Security and Safety…?

In the security and safety consciousness of today’s world, we at pride ourselves on our deliberate and meticulous attention to details. The safety and wellbeing of our guests is paramount in all our endevours. Love in Safety is our Credo. This is why we spare no effort in ensuring the safety and authenticity of our guest. We are however discreet but thorough.

Our approach to safety is multi-layered.It begins with visiting and logging on to our website. All information submited and all activities on our website are secured with state of the art end to end encription software to prevent third party and or malacious intrusion.Our near obsessive approach to safety and security also extends to the choice of our 4-5 star events locations with a 24hrs security both physical/visible and electronic/passive on the premises and in the immediate surroundings. To mention a few.

Our Special Operations Department is staffed by crack teams of investigators and detectives. All our guests prior to the event evenings are thoroughly vetted and all data submitted are authenticated before being accredited to attend the speed-dating events. Any guest whose data does not check out before the date of the event would not be accredited nor allowed to attend the speed-dating event and all paid fees would be refunded immediately. Our accredited guests could then attend our events in the full knowledge and assurance that they are safe and the people they would be meeting at the events are all genuine.

All personal data submitted to for speed-dating events are treated and guarded with the utmost care and discretion. These data are destroyed immediately after the event. does not retain or share any personal details with a third party.                                  


What is the purpose behind Instant Messenger, how do i get benefit from it...?

This application is a faster way of communicating to other members of the site who are online. Its lists all the members who are online. When you send message, recipient will receive message and would reply. If unfortunately recipient doesn't receive the message for some reason, then that message will be sent to their onsite message Inbox.


When I suspend my online dating membership, does it end my subscription? Can I put my subscription on hold...?

No. Once you purchase a subscription, it will remain active for the remainder of your initial term.

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